Monthly Web Design Packages

Only For 24 months

Free Site Maintenance

Free Domain

24hr Support

Light Speed Website

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Because we understand why it is important for every business to have an online presence.

We came up with this Pay Monthly idea to cater for small businesses that are starting up and have limited budget for a website.

No maintenance costs!! The Quality Of the website will still be the same as the one who paid a once off payment.

The difference is the payment method.

See Our Pricing!!

We have a 30 day money back guarantee!! So don’t worry if you are not satisfied with our service, you can always get your money back.

How Pay Monthly Website Service Can Benefit You!!


Fully managed website

We use WordPress to develop websites under our monthly packages. We continue your project and monitor it after you renew your monthly subscription for only 24 months.


Free Domain

All our pay monthly website service comes with a free domain. If you happen to have a domain registered already, you can transfer the domain for no charge to us or point your domain to our servers.

Free Hosting

All our pay monthly website service comes with Free web hosting, so you dont have to worry about the hassle and fees for web hosting.

24/7 support:

We are active 24/7 to assist you in case of any emergency. So, whenever you face any critical situation, just count on us. Our experts are always active to help you out.

Faster design and development:

Our designers use WordPress to design the pay monthly websites. Apart from this, we have decades of experience in WordPress development. That means we understand how to speed up your website and make it customer-friendly.

Monthly Technical Support:

Running a website smoothly is not an easy task. You need to be technically advanced to understand every flaw of the website and make it run smoothly. Websites sometimes act mischievous and understanding it is quite difficult. Our experts provide you with complete technical support, including fixing hacked WordPress websites etc.

Security Monitoring:

When it comes to running a business website smoothly, maintaining website security is a must. Every day, millions of websites get hacked and face severe losses. We keep the security of your website in mind while designing the website.


We have an outstanding development team that offers the best support & design modern, clean & easy to use responsive websites with User Experience & SEO in mind.


Do you need an Affordable, Custom Website for your Small Businesses for a monthly fee???